Black Belt Candidates October -2005-

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Black Belt Candidates October -2005-

Postby Grandmaster G » Mon Jun 27, 2005 5:48 pm

The candidates for Black Belt Testing October 2005

1st Degree - The Crusaders

Martin Johnson
Mohammed khcheiche
Nathan Reeves
Glenn Carter
Natasha Miranda
Tony Schoenecker
Bassam Khocheiche
Andrew Wayne

Huw Dare-Edwards - Withdrawn
Peter Nisbet - Withdrawn

Naung Hann (1st Degree) - Doing Spirit Test
Tapio Erholtz - (2nd Degree) - Doing Spirit Test
Jaakko Suhonen (3rd Degree) - Doing Spirit Test
Pekka Viiliainen (3rd Degree) - Doing Spirit Test

2nd Degree

Nathan McDonald - Parramatta NSW Australia
Nicholas Rudko - Moorebank NSW Australia
Travis Faure' - Canberra ACT Australia

3rd Degree

Evan Bzadough - Moorebank NSW Australia
Tapio Erholtz - Helsinki Finland


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