On the Road World Tour 2019 - Some Numbers

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Grandmaster G
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On the Road World Tour 2019 - Some Numbers

Postby Grandmaster G » Fri Jun 14, 2019 2:34 am

2019 World Tour Statistics.

“By the Numbers!”

1200 Kick’s earned in the Provisional Challenge

98.5 Hours Flying (Approximately 4 days in the air)

68 of the 107 World Tour days spent on a mat somewhere

31 Flights taken

27 First Degree Black Belts promoted

25 Different Airports Visited

24 Hotels

17 New Passport Stamps

17 Different Planes (Boeing 717-200, 737-800, 737-900, 747-400, 747-800, 787-9, Airbus A319, A320, A321, A380-800, Embraer 145, 170, 175, 195, Canadair CRJ 900, Bombardier CS300, & Douglas MD80)

15 Countries visited (Thailand, Spain, Germany, Croatia, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Norway, Finland, Netherlands, Morocco, USA, Mexico, Switzerland)

14 Airlines Flown (Thai, LOT, United, Delta, Lufthansa, Swiss, Austrian, Iberia, Edelweiss, Cityjet, Mesa, CommutAir, Cityline, Republic)

10 Currencies (Thai Baht, Euro, Mexican Dollar, Norwegian Krone, US Dollar, Polish Zloty, Croatian Kuna, Romanian Lei, Moroccan Dirham & Hungarian Forint)

6 Visits to Frankfurt Airport

5 Third Degree Black Belts promoted

3 Fourth Degree Black Belts promoted

2 Second Degree Black Belts promoted

1 New Country visited. Hungary – taking the count to 57.

1 Fifth Degree Black Belt promoted

1 Frequent Flyer Status Level maintained (United Gold)


2019 Complete World Tour Map

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Kelvin Zeini
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Re: On the Road World Tour 2019 - Some Numbers

Postby Kelvin Zeini » Fri Jun 14, 2019 10:57 am

That is amazing GMG. Sir is breaking records!

Thank you for sharing sir.

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